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About magikframe™

The magikframe™ uses a proprietary adhesive strip that is highly durable and reusable. Use this sign holder over and over again on any smooth surface without leaving any messy residue behind.


The magikframe™ comes stocked in standard sizes with custom branding options available. Simply remove protective layer from one side, insert the sign behind clear scratch proof PVC and then re-apply the frame to the surface. This product works great on glass doors, windows, exhibit cases, store entry ways, painted walls, cooler doors, or any smooth metal, wood or plastic surface.


Stores, warehouses, offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, libraries, and banks can all take advantage of the inexpensive magik frame. Display literature, notices, retail prices, promotions, posters, health & safety information and much more. 


Standard sizes include: 70/100, 50/70, A1, A2 ,A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8

Keep your signs protected and surfaces clean with magik frame.

No messy tapes or residue! 





  • Glass Doors & Windows

  • Fridge & Cooler Doors

  • Laminated Paneling

  • Painted Surfaces

  • Tiled Surfaces

  • Metal Surfaces

  • Wood Surfaces 

  • Plastic Surfaces 

  • Curved Surfaces

  • Hot and Cold Surfaces

Magik Frame Reusable Magic Sign Holder - Multiple Surfaces
Magic Frame Resusable Frame - Magik Frame
Easily Chjange signs with Magik Frame - Reusable
How to Install:
  1. Peel off cover from the adhesive strips

  2. Apply the frame on any smooth surface

  3. Lift one edge & insert poster, picture or sign.

  4. Press and seal on to surface.

  5. Gently peal the removable magik frame off the surface and re-position it anywhere. 

  6. Rinse adhesive tape with water (if necessary)



We love how the magik frame keeps things clean, neat and professional. 
It is very easy to change and update signage."

 - Devin Smith, Owner, Cask and Barrel Liquor Store

Magic frame | Reusable frame

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